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Emergency Management

“Very professional delivery of important material – content never drifted from core objectives”

“Very good course, well executed with a good balance of serious and lighted hearted approaches”
Unit Operator

“Very knowledgeable trainers and well presented” – Station Manager

"The training material was excellent and presented with personal experience from the trainers”
Production Manager

“Essential for all shift team leaders – a long standing gap has been filled in my knowledge. As an emergency controller this has helped me greatly”
Shift Team Leader

“It was a good pass and we were really pleased to be complimented on our team work and command and control, especially as these were areas where we were really struggling at the beginning of last year.

The changes you recommended for our emergency arrangements and the training last year have really come together such that, with the additional practices we have run this year, we feel that things like the state boards are working for us now and the team feel confident in their roles.

Thanks again for all you hard work, training and advice last year in helping us to improve our arrangements”

- Safety, Assurance and Emergency Planning Manager Nuclear

Police Command

“Excellent presentation of course underpinned by practical knowledge and examples after doing the job. The trainers had an in depth knowledge of all aspects of policing with relevant and up to date examples of implantation”
Superintendent Operations

IOSH – Risk Assessment for Event Planners

“First class facilitation by someone who has clearly done the job. Thanks for making what can be a boring subject interesting – I really enjoyed the three days”
Police Planner